Sombranoche — Nocturnal Memories Fractal Street Art

Sombranoche by Jaya Prime

“Sombranoche” by Jaya Prime

No.4 of 36 in the “Spectral Recursion” series

“O, threats of Hell and hopes of Paradise.
One thing at least is certain: THIS LIFE FLIES!
One things is certain and the rest is lies:
The Flower that has bloom’d for-ever dies.”
~Edward Fitzgerald, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Facts: The star-shaped, violet bloom of the nightshade carries poison in its beauty. Some types of nightshade are even psychotropic. The tribes who’ve used it have attributed an assortment of healing and medicinal effects to the flower. It’s history in shamanism and witchcraft has deep roots. The brewed tea made from the flower is bitter, in stark contrast to the beauty of its bloom; in low doses it heals, in high doses it kills. Care to indulge in a sip?

Notes: A very heavily edited and re-worked version of my album art for “Sombranoche”. It’s especially fitting, as I published the original song back in 2006. Then, after the eighth and final album was complete in 2012, I went back and made the “Nocturnal Memories” remix [Listen on YouTube] of my favorite song from the first album. The fact that I’ve now remixed the album art, also, brings a rather wicked smile to my face.

Spectral Iteration, The Book

“Bloom of Lilacs” and more than thirty other fractals and abstracts are a part of the book “Spectral Iteration” by San Jaya Prime. For the first time ever, it is being made publicly available as a full-color, full-page fine art book here on Amazon: Spectral Iteration: A Prismatic Journey thru the Beautiful Art of Fractals and Abstracts

Source: Sombranoche on Instagram


Author: Jaya Prime

I make worlds. I design art and fractals along specific themes, worlds that pull in the eye and leave the mind asking questions -- those are the worlds I create; where mystery and the enigma hold power, where symbols define the lines that the colors follow. Ex nihilo, ad infinitum. I walk in dreams and dream waking. Who am I? ~San Jaya Prime

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