A Glimmer in the Infinite

The story of a mathematical wizard and how he brought the entire Roman army to its knees.

A Glimmer in the Infinite

“A Glimmer in the Infinite” by Jaya Prime

No.8 of 36 in the “Spectral Recursion” series

“But leave the Wise to wrangle and, with me,
The Quarrel of the Universe let be.
And, in some corner of the hubbub coucht,
Make game of that which makes as much of thee.”
~Edward Fitzgerald, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Story: One man defended the city of Syracuse against the entirety of the Roman army. Soldiers only mentioned his name in whispers, as his name could quickly spread fear throughout the whole encampment. The Romans seiged the city for six years, and this one man had built traps, tricks, catapults, and had even created waves in the ocean to sink ships… going so far as to set ships ablaze using mirrors. This mathematician was one of the world’s greatest magicians, and he was completely obsessed with circles.

His name was Archimedes.

He died to a soldier on the beaches of Syracuse; a soldier that Caesar would later execute for having killed the greatest mind of their time. Archimedes was discovered dead on the sand. Drawn on the sand around him was a series of circles that, only thousands of years later, would we recognize as the earliest form of calculus.

Incept: This design is a remix of my award-winning album art for Daft Punk’s “The Grid”. It is a linear tile fractal that forms an infinite grid of circles. Circles within circles within circles, ad infinitum.

More: “A Glimmer in the Infinite”, both the story and the fractal, are a part of the book “Spectral Iteration” by San Jaya Prime. For the first time ever, it has been published as a full-color, full-page fine art book here on Amazon:
Spectral Iteration: A Prismatic Journey thru the Beautiful Art of Fractals and Abstracts

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BCONzjaNqnJ/

Author: Jaya Prime

I make worlds. I design art and fractals along specific themes, worlds that pull in the eye and leave the mind asking questions -- those are the worlds I create; where mystery and the enigma hold power, where symbols define the lines that the colors follow. Ex nihilo, ad infinitum. I walk in dreams and dream waking. Who am I? ~San Jaya Prime https://www.instagram.com/fractals_by_jaya/ http://www.redbubble.com/people/jaya-prime

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