About me? Let’s get really real.

I’m a musician who’s going deaf.

There. That’s what’s really going on. Despite all the book covers with my fractals on them, and no matter how many awards my designs have won, my fractal art always took second place to my music. Then my right ear failed me. It started in 2012, and I knew that I was going to lose my music. That’s not an easy thing to just swallow and say it’s fine.

The dreams started when I was just a kid – a small pup of maybe six or seven years. I would wake up with cities made of light swimming in my head, having just flown between planets from one dream to the next, and with words ringing in my ears from creatures that I never knew existed.

The dreams never stopped.

After a few nights of this, my mother brought me colored markers and a notebook. I quite literally filled notebook after notebook with these worlds, the colorful splashes and lines marking entire cityscapes where I had flown and where I had explored the exotic depths and passages beneath the cities. Sometimes I had guides, and I would try to draw them. I place emphasis on the “try” part of that statement, as my guides were rarely human, and I had to use references from our own planet to represent these creatures.

That really frustrated me. I loved to draw the cities from above, the lights, the dotted patterns, and the buildings. These flowed easily from my fingers… my mind and heart still dreaming even though my body had awakened. But the creatures? They eluded me time and again.

One of my favorite guides, and a friend, was something similar to a cat who walked upright on two legs, with patchwork robotic implants and long antennae. That doesn’t even come near to describing him, but he was always the one who would lead me through the tunnels below the cities.

When I discovered fractal design, what I found was a way to show these cities and dreams to others. The creatures that I meet in these dreams continue to elude my powers of expression, but I can bring you with me into the lights and the colors of these worlds that I dream of.

I don’t know how much that tells you about me, or about my art, but it’s where it all started.

I walk in dreams and dream waking. Who am I?

Thank you for joining me,

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