The Stargazers; aka, Birds on a Wire

A gaggle of pigeons gather together on a wire at night to watch the stars glow within the refracted light of a fractal.


“The Stargazers” by Jaya Prime

Pt 10 of 36 in the “Spectral Recursion” series

Lonely is he (who has lost his Home)
for that harbor where his heart has moor’d.
But free is he (who the World has known)
who rests his hopes upon any shore.”
~San Jaya Prime, The Wayfarer’s Songs

Facts: AKA, “The Grand Pigeon Empire” — Any and all empires are territorially limited based on three contingents: transportation (roads), strength (armies, enforcement), and communication. The great Persian Empire of antiquity (circa 400bce) had the might, and they built the roads, but the empire exploded as far as Egypt in the West and India in the East with one single discovery — the carrier pigeon. It was the first long-distance communication network of antiquity. The once respectably-sized Persia grew to a massive empire that held the center of the known world for a thousand years.

Nowadays, even the poorest of humans carries around a pocket-pigeon in the form of a miniature computer, networking with satellites and relays across the planet to create a seamless illusion of connectedness. There was a brief period where the pigeons held a “we will riot” campaign in protest of their early retirement, but a few handfuls of birdseed quickly quelled the aforementioned revolution.

The Book: “The Stargazers” is a part of the book “Spectral Iteration” by San Jaya Prime. For the first time ever, it has been published as a full-color, full-page fine art book here on Amazon:
Spectral Iteration: A Prismatic Journey thru the Beautiful Art of Fractals and Abstracts