Kardia Dentata (The Purple Heart)

A story of a dog with a heart of gold, and the beautiful fractal dedicated to him


“Kardia Dentata (The Purple Heart)” by Jaya Prime

No.2 of 36 in the “Spectral Recursion” series

“I encased my heart in stone so as to stop it from beating.” ~Sonya Watson

Facts: You don’t want to read this. February 16, 2008 marked the first time ever that a purple heart was awarded to someone other than a human. It was given to a dog named Lex, a German Shepherd. He was a working dog who checked for explosives, and his most recent handler was a marine named Dustin Lee. Both were hit by an explosive rocket that mortally wounded Dustin and racked Lex with shrapnel. Though wounded, Lex rose to defend Dustin’s body, and refused to be removed… being forcefully removed by marines so that they could save his life. Dustin’s family asked to adopt Lex, and the marine corps gave Lex an early and honorary retirement so that he could join them. Both Lex and Dustin were awarded purple hearts on the same day.

Incept: Two rather simple heart-shaped fractals, rendered in Apophysis, then processed with Google’s Deep Dreams AI.

Source: “Kardia Dentata” on Instagram