IO Vapoura [Variations]

“IO Vapoura” by Jaya Prime

Pt 12 of 36 in the “Spectral Recursion” series

“A blade of grass is a commonplace on Earth; it would be a miracle on Mars.”
~Carl Sagan

Notes: This is my original album art for “IO Vapoura [Variations]” (2010) — world, downtempo, transnational, electronic music. The flying city of Vapoura is coming through my signature fractal — a bent hyperbolic fractal that appears in more than 60% of my designs. I have a similar signature in my music, where I sign one song on every album with a glitched synth-sequence. Not only was “Vapoura” one of my favorite albums to create, but it has remained my favorite to listen to over the years. My song “Gongo Dodan” has been remixed more times than I can count, yet retains the same ineffable and striking “otherness” that gives it its namesake. “Gongo dodan”, translated from Japanese, means: “Words fail.”

Words. Fail.

The Book: “IO Vapoura [Variations]” is a part of the book “Spectral Iteration” by San Jaya Prime. For the first time ever, it has been published as a full-color, full-page fine art book here on Amazon:
Spectral Iteration: A Prismatic Journey thru the Beautiful Art of Fractals and Abstracts

The Album:IO Vapoura [Variations]” is a long-play album that was published in 2010 via the Trochlear Recordings Limited digital label out of Austin, Texas. You can listen to it and download it for free from here on BandCamp:
San Jaya Prime – IO Vapoura [Variations]

“To say I enjoy this album would be an understatement.”
~William DeAngelis, CEO & Creative Director at DeAngelis Designs

“I look forward to seeing where Jaya goes from here.”
~PK, Peppermill Records

The Remixes: Before I started losing my hearing in 2012, the result of stresses from a childhood tumor, I had been working on a remix album to follow-up on this one. When I finally faced the painful reality, I salvaged the best of the remixes and released them for streaming on YouTube. Tune in!
San Jaya Prime – IO Vapoura [Unversioned & Unfinished]