Optica Dentata

Looking into the eye of the future.


“Optica Dentata” by Jaya Prime

No.11 of 36 in the “Spectral Recursion” series

“A mind is a simulation that simulates itself.” ~Erol Ozan

Facts: The human eye is an intricate organ composed of more than 2-million separate parts, with more than six times as many unique identifiers as a fingerprint. As our most complex sensor, four out of every five memories we have are visual, a number in parallel with our visual learning-rate. Without our eyes, cats falling out of boxes would no longer be the primary reason for humans to tune into the Internet for hours on end… although the *thud* would still cause a few rounds of chuckles.

Note: As featured by the one and only Surreal42. Although I already planned this fractal for release this week, it really lines up beautifully with the new trailer for “Ghost in the Shell” — I could not believe what I was seeing when I saw the preview. It looks like they are not holding back. If that is the case, then it could be up there with “The Matrix” and “Blade Runner” for live action cyberpunk movies, and I cannot stop myself from getting my expectations up.

The Book: “Optica Dentata” is a part of the book “Spectral Iteration” by San Jaya Prime. For the first time ever, it has been published as a full-color, full-page fine art book here on Amazon:
Spectral Iteration: A Prismatic Journey thru the Beautiful Art of Fractals and Abstracts

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BCgW_J-Nqr-/